Arch Coal, Inc.

Arch Coal, Inc. (NYSE:ACI) is the second largest coal producer in the United States. The company’s talented, 4,600-strong workforce enables Arch to lead the industry in mine safety and neighborly practices. The annual coal supply from Arch’s 12 mining complexes in six states provides the fuel to power 8 percent of annual U.S. electricity. Arch’s national network of mines is located on every major rail system with excellent access to U.S. Gulf and port facilities on both coasts. Arch has supplied power producers and steel manufacturers in 21 countries around the planet. Roughly 88 percent of Arch’s 4.7-billion-ton reserve base is low in sulfur content, helping reduce emissions from electric generation. To advance the next generation of clean coal technologies, Arch has pledged more than $25 million in several university research programs and public-private pilot projects – and by invested equity in an emerging coal-to-liquids company. In the community, Arch’s multi-state Teacher Achievement Awards and innovative grants programs provide recognition and funding to nearly 50 teachers each year. Learn more about Arch Coal online at,,


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