American Commercial Lines Inc.

American Commercial Lines Inc. is a leading barge transportation services provider and manufacturer with approximately $850 million in revenues and approximately 2,570 employees as of December 31,2009. Since 1915, ACL has been operating on the United States’ inland waterways system, which consists of the Mississippi River System, its connecting waterways and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterways. The company’s manufacturing division Jeffboat is the nation’s largest inland shipyard.



ACL will deliver premium transportation services, solutions and equipment to accommodate the evolving needs of its customers. We will do so with integrity and superior service, exceeding industry standards and customer expectations.


  • Safety of Life and Limb
  • Protection of the Marine Environment
  • Safety of Property, Equipment and Customer Cargo
  • Cost and Efficiency


At ACL, our core values speak to what the company stands for: safety, customer focus, innovation, integrity and value for everyone involved. ACL has made a long-term commitment to these values, and they guide all that we do from the boardroom to the river. We believe this is to the benefit of our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we work.

SAFETY Never compromise the safety of people, the environment, property or equipment.
CUSTOMER FOCUS Provide superior customer service.
INNOVATION Set the standard in transportation and manufacturing solutions.
INTEGRITY Always do the right thing.
VALUE Let the creation of value drive all we do for our shareholders and employees.


Safety is our number one operating priority and the first of our core values. It is an overarching company tenet. Our employees live by the principle that all accidents and injuries can be prevented, and by the motto that no job is so important and no service so urgent, that we cannot take the time to perform all work safely. We take pride in the fact that inland barging is the safest mode of transportation, and in ACL’s industry-leading safety record.

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