Associated Terminals

Associated Terminals is one of the largest midstream stevedoring companies on the Mississippi River, operating a fleet of twelve high capacity floating cranes. The company transloads cargo to and from vessels and barges at twelve mid-stream anchorage facilities on the lower Mississippi, as well as at additional dockside and on-site locations.

Founded in 1990 as a provider of transloading services, Associated Terminals rapidly expanded its capabilities to meet the needs of it's customers. The company now offers logistical sevices which include the total coordination of cargo movements to provide customers a complete transportation and stevedoring package.

Future plans for Associated Terminals include the continued expansion of equipment, facilities, capabilities, and geographic areas of service. Growth will come through the company's willingness to explore all options in order to accommodate the needs of its customers.

"The ability and attitude to accomplish anything will continue to be the benchmark which sets Associated Terminals apart and ensures success for the customers it serves.


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