The Associated Branch Pilots

The Associated Branch Pilots (Bar Pilots) for the Port of New Orleans is an association of professional pilots who guide ocean-going vessels of all sizes and descriptions from the Gulf of Mexico through the narrow channels of Southwest Pass and the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet.

Established in 1879, the Bar Pilots are on location and on call 24 hours a day throughout the year.

The Bar Pilots advise maritime businesses on matters as varied as recommended drafts, dredging efforts, operating procedures, traffic schemes, and navigational aid placement. Safety is a vital concern to the Bar Pilots. The Association works closely with governmental agencies and industry, and serves on committees directly involved with the success of Louisiana’s river ports.

The pilots have for more than 60 years operated a Vessel Traffic Information Service. The VTIS is an evolutionary outgrowth of the pilotage service that the Association’s members have been providing for more than 144 years. Although maintained by the Association, the navigation and safety information gathered is given to all who request it. The information disseminated is utilized by mariners transiting the area to manage traffic in the waterways serviced by the bar pilots. The Association has for many years been the most reliable and accurate vessel traffic service in that part of the lower Mississippi River. The Associated Branch Pilots are adding real value to the Louisiana maritime industry each and every day by ensuring the safe and efficient movement of goods through America’s busiest waterways.

Associated Branch Pilot Board Members: Michael R. Lorino, Jr. - President, Michael T. D. Miller - Vice President, Tony Vogt - Secretary, Leon C. Buras III and Daniel W. Mott.

Captain Lorino was named the 2008 Maritime Person of the Year by thePort of New Orleans Propeller Club and will be recognized on Thursday, October 9th at the Plimsoll Club World Trade Center New Orleans.

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