Cargill ETM

Cargill ETM is the specialist energy, transportation and metals division of Cargill. By pulling together expertise in these three areas, Cargill ETM brings a unique combination of physical, financial and commercial know-how to the management of supply chains.

We manage commodity price volatility and supply chain complexity for more than 30 of Cargill’s business units. This experience has allowed us to develop effective, transparent solutions for external customers too. Our promise to you is “What We See Is What You Get”. So you can be sure that the solutions we propose as a supplier are the same as those we use as customers ourselves.

Our ability to see the bigger picture and anticipate market trends and opportunities will help support your long-term planning. Our network and commodity expertise will help you succeed in complex and volatile markets. We apply the highest standards of business conduct even in the world’s fastest-moving and least-structured markets, so you can be confident about doing business anywhere in the world.


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